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No one wants to face foreclosure. But the difference between leaving your home with a portion of your investment and your peace of mind or leaving your home hopelessly in debt can be a matter of days or even hours. Do not miss your chance to turn the tide and get the most out of your over-indebted home. The time to do it is NOW. We can help you now. But by the time the auction date comes around, it may already be too late.

Here is the good news: there are now short sale programs backed by banks and the government that can pay you up to $45,000 to get out of your over-indebted home without owing...

And you can have up to a year to move!

Short Sale Capital can guide you through this difficult time and give you a fresh start. With Short Sale Capital's expert negotiation services, we work with your bank to get you the most favorable financial outcome. And we pay for this service - it costs you nothing.

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